2023 Nomination as one of the top Piano Composer and Producers of the year 2023 by SME UK Enterprise Awards

2023 "MINI Italian Campaign" Soundtrack

2022 Talenti Purpose Campaign Soundtrack

2022 Soundtrack for the TV Series "Vice"

2022 Soundtrack for the TV Series "The Con"

2022 Co-Founder of music library

2020 Soundtrack of the web series "Riddle of Dzoom"

2020 Soundtrack of the movie "Pie"

2020 Soundtrack of the movie "The Perfect Match"

2019 Composer of the music TV programming of Les News 24

2019 Soundtrack for the movie “Irene - Tapping the Rhythm of Life”

2019 Soundtrack for the movie “Wisteria Cottage”

2018 Soundtrack for the movie “The Glove” with the premiere at Bafta (London) and winner of Europa Film Festival Audience Award.

2018 Katharsis - Live multi-sensorial performance in tour

2017 Soundtrack for the Lexus Hybrid NX Germany advert

2017 Soundtrack for the movie “Wilderness” (best music award at Chain NYC Festival 2017 in Brooklyn)

2016 Soundtrack for the movie “The Lift” with the premiere at Bafta, London.

2016 Soundtrack for the documentary “Mondragone, scrigno del sapere universale”

2016 M.D. Of Union Street Cafe' Jazz Fridays - London

2015 Roland endorser

2015 “Soul in the city” Spain tour with Janine Johnson

2014 Partner and Music Director of Sanghamitra Promotions

2014 “Passion” Spain Tour with Janine Johnson

2013 Member of “London Piano Teachers”

2013 One of the composers of the app “Smartsong”, by James Morris

2013 Piano player, arranger and M.D. for “Every man for herself” theatre show – London

2013 Piano player, arranger and M.D. for “A night with Bond” show by J.Johnson – UK

2012 Piano and keyboard player of “Tropicalia show”, winners of the “Lukas Awards” 2012, 2013 and 2014.

2011 “Emergency UK” - London

2010 “Varsavia Jazz Days” - Poland

2010 Tour with the band "Latte e I suoi derivati" - Rome

2010 Member of judging panel of MARTE LIVE and CPS competitions - Rome

2010 “Kate Robbins Band” SOHO NIGHTS London performances

2008 "Festival of Two Worlds", with Sandy Muller – Spoleto, Italy

2008 "Musicultura Festival", with Sandy Muller - Macerata, Italy

2007 Founding member (w D.Giovannoni) Indie label CRISALIDE

2005 Founding member (w V.Fabbri) the band CROMA NOVA

2003 "L'amico di Fred", musical around Fred Buscaglione's life

2001 "Full Monty", a musical directed by Gigi Proietti

2000 Founder of the project “Partenopea” Neapolitan song revisited

1999 "Ciampino Jazz Festival"

1998 Italian tour with Aida Cooper

1998 "Prize of Recanati city", with critics and SIAE awards

1995 "One hundred years of cinema", Rome, Piazza del Popolo

1992 "Formia Jazz Festival"   


Lexus, Toyota, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lego, Volkswagen, Barclays, Les News 24 TV, Huawei, Master Class, Wärtsilä, Emergency UK, Sanghamitra Promotions, Autism Aid Onlus, RAI, Mediaset.


2023 "Mad Pianos" Ragtimes and Swings

2023 "Awake Inside a Dream" (10 West Music, L.A.)

2023 "Hybrid Trailers Tracks Vol.1" (Space and Souns Music, L.A.)

2022 "Beneath the Surface" (Space and Sound Music, L.A.)

2022 "Psychological Thriller" (Space and Sound Music, L.A.)

2022 “My Pianos 2” Emotional Piano and Strings

2022 "Hidden Worlds" Cinematic Atmos (

2022 "Business Woman" (ROBA Music production, Germany)

2022 “Empire of Dreams” Cinematic Soundtracks

2022 “My Pianos” Emotional Piano and Strings

2021 "Immersive Storytelling" (Score Production Music)

2021 "My Lounge Corner, Vol.1" Ambient Lounge

2021 "The Funky Brothers, Vol.1" Funk

2021 "Magic Moments" (ROBA Music Production, Germany)

2021 "Room 101" Karmamoi

2020 "Melting Ice" (ROBA Music Production, Germany)

2020 "Creative Technology" (ROBA Music Production, Germany)

2020 "Inner Space" Ambient Electronic

2019 "I Will Find You" (Single) with ZoZo

2018 "The day is done" Karmamoi

2017 “Katharsis” Soundtracks and Soundscapes

2017 “Live in London” MAD Trio

2016 “Silence between sounds” Karmamoi

2016 “One day without us” Various artists

2015 “Timeless” Croma Nova

2015 “Yoga Peace” collection (Blue Saturdays Records)

2014 “Passion” Janine Johnson (Splash Records)

2013 “Sanghamitra's Lounge Vol.1” (Sanghamitra Records)

2011 "Karmamoi" Karmamoi

2010 “Falsa Rosa” with Sandy Muller recorded in Rio De Janeiro

2010 "Buscaja" (Crisalide Records)

2010 “Soho Nights” with Kate Robbins and others at Abbey Road Studios - London

2008 "Croma Nova" with V.Fabbri and others (Crisalide Records)

2007 "Element" with L.Nostro, S.Colley, A.Sanchez at System Two studio – N.Y.

2007 "Cronopios, Famas e Speranze" with F.Cardosa (Crisalide Records)

2006 "Modernjets" (Millennium Music)

2006 "Linha" with Sandy Muller recorded in Rio De Janeiro

2003 "Le città invisibili" with F.Cardosa and others

2002 "Voce del verso amare" (RAI productions)

2002 “L’avvicinamento” with G.Mazzone

2002 "Terra del padre" with V.Billeri and others

2001 "Lavori in sorso" with A.Tomei and others

1999 “Pillows tales” with Gianluca D'Alessio and others

1995 "Urbis Machina" (Multirifrazione Records)

1993 "Single man" (Rossodisera Records)


Antonio Sanchez, Scott Colley, Jaques Morelenbaum, Sarah Jane Morris, Janine Johnson, Katie Leone, Joy Rose, Anita Wardell, Heidi Vogel, Celia Mur, Emilia Martensson, Marcelo Costa, David Pastor, Gigi Proietti, Bruno Tommaso, Fabrizio Bosso, Javier Girotto, Aida Cooper, Kate Robbins, Ezra Williams, Eddy Palermo, Neri per Caso, Aldo Bassi, Luca Bulgarelli, Fabrizio Cardosa, Fabio Tullio, Massimo Moriconi, Claudio Corvini, Lillo e Greg, Sandy Muller, Tony Armetta, etc.


Piani Incrociati (Carisch) - Piano method

Michel Petrucciani’s omnibook (Carisch) - Piano transcriptions

Scales and Arpeggios (Amazon Createspace) - Piano method


2023 – Point Blank Music School, London (UK)

2022 – Point Blank Music School, London (UK)

2013-2020 - London Piano Teachers, London (UK)

2000-2011 - Saint Louis college of music, Rome (IT)

1997-2001 - University of Music, Rome (IT)

2000-2011 - Viva Musica, Rome (IT).

2000- Conservatory L.Perosi - Campobasso (IT)